​​ Into the Light Paranormal

 About us

Into the Light Paranormal began as a paranormal investigating group where founders Kitty Janusz and Kimberly Rinaldi use their skills as psychic mediums to connect and communicate with the other side. Their experiences and the evidence collected suggest truth is often stranger than fiction.

"We're not asking you to believe, only that you be open and let us share our experiences. You decide for yourself what is reality........"  Kitty Janusz

"When Kitty invited me to go on my first paranormal investigation my response was something along the lines of -- No way, not happening! "  Kimberly Rinaldi

"We strive to bring respect, understanding and healing to haunted locations. We want to help and heal those who may not otherwise have voice. "  Kitty Janusz

" I try to keep words like unbelievable out of my vocabulary. Just because I haven't experienced something doesn't mean it isn't real. "  Kimberly Rinaldi

Do you have a haunted historic location?    Tell us about it!