We were roaming the halls of B deck in the late morning. Suddenly, a woman appeared, having  abruptly turning a corner to join us as we walked. She began walking alongside us, which I thought odd, most folks don't join up with people they don't know. She was dressed in period 40"s clothing complete with gloves. "They must be hiring people to work in character" I thought. The QM holds a Roaring 20's Gala every year so I didn't think it too out of place...except the gala was months ago...and no one else seemed dressed up.. Then the woman, still walking right next to us, began conversing. Saying things that sounded a little odd. "I just love this ship. I just stay here." "Yes, it's a beautiful ship" I answered. Then suddenly she turned a corner and she was just...gone. We looked at each other puzzled. Was she..real? I ran back to where she had turned but, Nothing. There was no one there and nowhere she could have gone... Queen Mary, Long Beach, Ca 2010

"Just then we heard a loud groaning noise. We stared wide eyed at each other. We could feel the vibration through our feet. half giddy, half unnerved, we searched for what could make such a loud groaning noise. We found the noise was coming from the back galley. Here the large iron rudder post runs through the ship from the wheel to the rudder. Groannn... The rudder post was rotating! But how? The ship's wheel is securely lashed so it won't move. i figured I better try to debunk this by finding out if the ship's wheel has any play. "I'll go up and see if I can get it to move." Later we discovered immediately after I said this we captured a class A EVP "Damn You". seems the Captain was still upset with me.." Star of India, San Diego Aug 2014

"Sitting in the darkened room trying to adjust to the dim light, I noticed something moving above us in the dark....something big...something I've never encountered before in my life. I looked up and there. there was the Creeper! 10 to 12 feet long, blacker than the darkness around it. It had 4 long, spindly arms stretching another 10 feet past it's body. It had a large,human-like head. But it's when it moved, that's what was the most horrific. It's small feet made a suction cup like sound. I swear I could hear the "Thwp, Thwp, Thwp" of it's suction feet! The Creeper slowly rolled it's head backwards and looked right at me, grinning....." It looked a bit like this.. Graber Olive House, Ontario, Ca 2013


​​ Into the Light Paranormal

I was chomping at the bit to get into room 1312. This is the room where Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters had his amazing table tipping incident. I planted myself and waited for furniture to fly! It was exactly Midnight..the digital clock flickered off and on...A fern rustled in a room with closed windows. My sister didn't like the vibes of this room from the start and had pinned herself against the wall by the door. Obviously something  didn't like her there. Suddenly she doubled over in pain, screaming. "Something's after me! I have to get out of here!" Now, with a room full of paranormal investigators and my sister in distress, what to do? Well, we filmed her of course!  ( she didn't speak to me for a day after that )  Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Co 2009

 Oftentimes  we find ourselves staring at a corner of a room and not quite sure why it has our attention. We are simply drawn to it. It's these times we often capture compelling photographic evidence. While we did not see anything unusual with our eyes, the camera picked up something quite different. Mind you, there was NO light source behind the organ and no, the lamp was not swinging, notice how focused the base is in this shot.. Whaley House, San Diego, Ca 2013

"Everyone in the group simultaneously sensed  an energy and  we felt we were being watched. The old road was dark and overgrown with ancient Eucalyptus trees. We all started taking random photos. We were amazed that almost every shot had huge purple orbs that weren't there just a frame ago..." Graber Olive house, Ontario, Ca 2013

The ferry ship Berkeley seemed like a straightforward investigation. The ferry had a long and industrious life in the San Fransisco Oakland area and was instrumental in rescuing victims of the 1909 earthquake. But this paranormal investigation turned out to be one of our most challenging. From early in the evening some investigators had been hearing voices telling them not to come, not to trust us, not to listen to our instructions. Even after holding toning circles and discussing energetic boundaries we still had some investigators  feeling nauseous and feeling a negative veil draping over them. Several times they would look at us and say we appeared different, almost frightening, as if the negative energy was placing an overlay over our faces in order to frighten them even more. We captured some of the most vulgar and profane EVPs we've ever heard. This was partially because some individuals were so excited about capturing  evidence that they were inadvertently "feeding" this energy. I decided to go into a small room ( OK, it was the bathroom ) and do a solo EVP session. The change in energy was immediate. Just by asking who might need help, I captured  the EVP "Please help me,....Kitty". I love the validation when not only do they ask for your help, but they call you by name. Berkley ferry ship..... San Diego, Ca 2015